Web Development

As a student in General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive course, I spent approximately 1,000 hours over twelve weeks learning to develop web apps. I built numerous apps using the following technologies: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Coffeescript, AngularJS, AJAX and JQuery, SQL, HTML5 and CSS3.  Here are three of my proudest achievements:


EnGauge – Final Project

EnGauge is an app that allows teachers to track student engagement in near real-time. I used AngularJS, Coffeescript, and a Rails backend to make this single page app that monitors student input on a sleek and simple teacher dashboard.

See it in action: engaugenow.herokuapp.com

Look under the hood: github.com/taylorchiu/engauge


In the 8th week of the course, two classmates and I created Linqs,  An Online Resource Organizer to manage the many github repos, notes, blogs, articles, and other web resources that were shared in our class each day.  A user can add links to her account on the website, or, she can add links to her account via a bot command that we linked with our class’ community chat room on HipChat.

Technologies used: Ruby, Rails, Coffeescript, JQuery, AJAX


Linqs - Online Resource Organizer

See it in action: linqs.herokuapp.com

Look under the hood: github.com/taylorchiu/linqs


Only four weeks into the course, I built a Rails app called Druthers Books, which allows users to search and read Goodreads book reviews, save books to a private list, create a poll, and share that poll with friends. Users can then quickly and easily vote on the next book to read in book club.

Technologies used: Ruby, Rails, SQL, Goodreads API, AJAX, Devise, Bootstrap


Druthers Books – A Book Polling App

See it in action: druthersbooks.herokuapp.com

Look under the hood: github.com/taylorchiu/druthers_app