About Taylor

Taylor is an educator, web developer, photographer, and traveler based in San Francisco, CA.

In June 2014, she completed General Assembly’s 12 week Web Development Immersive course, through which she learned Ruby on Rails, Javascript, AngularJS, SQL, HTML5 and CSS3.  Since then, she’s been hacking on a few projects, which you can check out on github (github.com/taylorchiu).

Taylor graduated from Harvard University with a BA in Sociology, a Spanish language citation, and a Massachusetts State teaching credential in Secondary English.  After short stints teaching 9th grade and Advanced Placement English in the US, Taylor set off for a few trips around the world.  She rode a motorcycle across Vietnam; hitch-hiked in Thailand; haggled in India; sandboarded in Peru; swam with sharks in the Galápagos and piranha in the Amazon; made chocolate in Ecuador; planted coffee in Costa Rica; taught English in France; ate flaming food in Spain; and made photographs everywhere she went.  She also leads international student travel and teaches photography and community service through National Geographic Student Expeditions.

Despite her geographical ADHD, Taylor is a loyal California native.  She previously worked as a Program Coordinator for Cardinal Scholars, a tutoring company that hires college students and recent graduates at top universities across the US  to tutor and mentor students in grades K-12.   Cardinal Scholars is a subsidiary of Course Hero, an educational technology startup based in Redwood City, CA.

Taylor’s photographs can be found internationally in print and online, and can readily be found on the illustrious fine art collective called Instagram.   Follow her Instagram handle, @tayloratlarge.

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/taylorchiu/